Adding connectors to lenses-box

Hi! I have been experimenting with lenses box and was trying to add an Iceberg Sink Kafka connector

Im currently mapping this into the container as per below:
- ./tabular-iceberg-kafka-connect-0.6.18:/opt/lensesio/connectors/third-party/tabular-iceberg-kafka-connect-0.6.18

and also providing metadata for the connector via environment variable :

   = "io.tabular.iceberg.connect.IcebergSinkConnector"
            name = "Iceberg Sink Connector"
            instance = "file"
            sink = true
            extractor.class = "io.lenses.config.kafka.connect.SimpleTopicsExtractor"
            icon = "iceberg.png"
            description = "Used to sink data to Iceberg tables"
            author = "Tabular"

Unfortunately I cant see any of the content of the connector being loaded as part of or

And it is not available as a sink in the connector page

Is there anywhere else I need to define the connector in order for it to be picked up by the classloader?

Any pointers would be gratefully received! Thanks

Hello Chris! Try to add the connector under /connectors:

- ./tabular-iceberg-kafka-connect-0.6.18:/connectors/tabular-iceberg-kafka-connect-0.6.18

The path /opt/lensesio/connectors is a little special. In Box we allow you to explicitly enable or disable the default connectors, so we process each directory in there separately and we expect a naming convention of kafka-connect-[connectorname].

So if you mounted your connector as /opt/lensesio/connectors/third-party/kafka-connect-tabular-iceberg it would work. But still the recommended place for bring-your-own connectors is under /connectors. :slight_smile:

Awesome that worked - thanks for the clear explanation!