How to use kafka-connect-ftp in maven

Hi team,

Are you still releasing kafka-connect-ftp to maven? Can you help to share the groupId and artifactId on maven?
In the release page Releases · lensesio/stream-reactor · GitHub only see a full bundle is released, also in document cannot found information on how to integration in maven.


Hi housong,
We don’t publish it to maven, mainly because the deployment model in Kafka Connect is a copy file.

Would it be possible to share the reasons why would you need it? And how would that help you


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Hi Stefan,

Thanks for your reply.
The reason is, we are using old version of kafka-connect-ftp from maven And we added our customized converter to split file and convert to source records of our business system. We are planning to upgrade this connector to latest version recently.
The issue we are facing is, our customized converter depends on the connector lib and also our own libs (and dependent third party libs), we packaged kafka-connect-ftp with our converter and dependencies to one jar. With the old maven model, it is easy to identify and resolve dependency conflicts of kafka-connect-ftp and our own dependencies. But with the current whole bundle, It will be hard to identify if there is any dependency conflict between kafka-connect-ftp and our own dependencies. Package our dependency with the full bundle will introduce uncertainty and have unexpected result. We are still investigating how to integrate with the full bundle.