Lenses is not deserialising data in a JSON topic correctly and showing as Bytes

Lenses is not displaying/deserialising events in a topic in the schema format they should be.

They should be in JSON format, but it’s showing in Bytes. How can I fix this?

Lenses allows you to manually modify the serialisation method for a more correct rendering of topic messages. This often isn’t necessary as Lenses will sample some of the data and try to intelligently set the correct serialisation. However, it’s possible it has got this incorrect or there wasn’t enough data in the topic for Lenses to be sure what the serialisation should be.

Manually making this change doesn’t impact the original topic schema; it only affects how events are rendered/explored in Lenses.

Depending on your user permissions, you can adjust the topic schema in the Lenses UI to enhance message viewing.

Navigate to the explorer menu, click on a topic, select the ‘Actions’ button, and then choose ‘Change Types.’ Afterwards, switch to the format that matches the data. If you opt for a key-value pair with incorrect types, Lenses won’t be able to deserialize and display the messages. Simply correct the schema types and try again.