Receiving the error message "Couldn't create Kafka topic backup configuration."

I am trying to use the backup and restore feature of Lenses, but an error message is appearing. The detail is that Lenses is correctly connected to Kafka-Connect.

Couldn't create Kafka topic back configuration. No plugin detected. Expecting plugin [] to be installed and [5.0.0] version expected.

Hello ejhon_s

You need to add the AWS stream-reactor connector to your Kafka Connect; the minimum version that will work is 5.0.0, but it is recommended to use the latest version. Here is the link to stream-reactor github: GitHub - lensesio/stream-reactor: A collection of open source Apache 2.0 Kafka Connector maintained by Go to the release page (eg. 6.0: Release Stream Reactor 6.0.0 · lensesio/stream-reactor · GitHub), download the required version, and then add it to Kafka-Connect.