S3 Sink Has No Prefix Value

Documentation at the link below the default partitioning for an S3 bucket is:


My data was backed up to S3 without a prefix so files were stored in:


How do you show there is no prefix value when configuring the S3 source connector to restore data?

Documentation shows the kcql statement for data restoral is

insert into $TOPIC_NAME select * from $BUCKET_NAME:$PREFIX_NAME STOREAS Avro

I used the following statement and received errors:

insert into $TOPIC_NAME select * from $BUCKET_NAME STOREAS Avro


Hi cwoodruff,

The source requires the full path to where the topic was backed-up.
Considering the topic was stored in bucket/topic then the source connector KCQL should be:

insert into $TOPIC_NAME select * from bucket:topic STOREAS `Avro`