SSL Configuration

Hello. What are the key points I need to consider when configuring Lenses to use truststore/keystore to connect to a Kafka Broker?

You need to consult with your platform team to provide a valid and trusted truststore/keystore by your Kafka broker so that Lenses can correctly connect to the Kafka broker. Additionally, when configuring Lenses, you can check a few points to avoid issues such as:

  • The first point you need to pay attention to is whether the same Java used on the server where Lenses is running are the same as those used to create the truststore/keystore. This prevents different keys from being generated.

  • Verify that the password used for the truststore/keystore is correct; otherwise, it won’t work.

  • Check if security features like SELinux or AppArmor are enabled, as they may restrict writing to disk.

  • Ensure that the temporary folders used by the JRE have write permissions. These might be variables like “-Dorg.xerial.snappy.tempdir” or “” which can be set via the “LENSES_OPTS” variable in Lenses.