Can I use the Lenses CLI to configure the provision?

I’ve been using the provision via API, and it seems to be working. However, I’m trying to configure the provision via Lenses CLI, and it appears to not be working. How can I use the CLI for provisioning?

Hello Edward_k,

For Lenses 5.3, there is the oneshot provision. This means you can set up Lenses via provision for the first time during its execution and only for the first time (this is what oneshoot means). The Lenses 5.4 introduces a new provisions API that allows you to manage all connections at any time. Unfortunately, the Lenses-CLI does not allow you to use the new Provision API, so you cannot use the CLI to update via provision. The Lenses-CLI provision command uses the oneshoot method and not the new API. At some point in the future, the oneshoot method will be removed from Lenses and the CLI, since this method is deprecated in Lenses 5.4.