Unable to insert data via UI if key type is set to 'BYTES'

I’m trying to use Lenses to insert a message into a topic, but I constantly receive the error “Unable to insert data if key type is set to 'BYTES'”. What could be the explanation for this? The key type is set to BYTES and the value type is AVRO.

Hello Edward_k,

At the moment, Lenses does not allow inserting messages via the UI when the data types are in BYTES, as it is not possible to write this type via the UI. If your key is not BYTES or you do not use them, you can change it to another value type and provide the message in the format expected by your Avro schema.


Hi Edward_k,

BYTES represent anything. putting aside that a human is not usually fluent in writing bytes (hexa or even binary), its a governance case. Imagine Lenses allowed someone to pass raw byres, let’s say hex64, and you changed the format from AVRO to BYTES and inserted some bogus data and changed the format back. That would break the data contract for the downstreams applications.

Saying that, what is the scenario for which you would require to manually insert bytes into the Key?