How to configure "lenses.kafka.metrics" to avoid metric timeouts on AWS MSK

Need to change from Kafka Connections UI in Lenses but it’s not available.

Timeouts is a common problem when collecting metrics from AWS MSK clusters. Therefore default timeout should be increased.

As of Lenses 5.3, this is not possible via the UI. This would need to be set via the API updating the whole connection configuration. For example:

lenses-cli connections update --name kafka --connection-config '[{"key":"kafkaBootstrapServers","value":["SSL://b-1:9094","SSL://b-2:9094","SSL://b3:9094"]},{"key":"protocol","value":"SSL"},{"key":"sslKeystore" ,"value":{"fileId": "0a28cbc5-788d-40d9-9b48-9502c625c632"}}, "key":"sslKeystorePassword", "value":"changeit"},{"key":"sslKeyPassword", "value":"changeit"}, {"key":"sslTruststore","value":{"fileId": "ce57369a-c8ac-496d-bca9-4c8e25f7f63b"}},{"key":"sslTruststorePassword", "value":"changeit"}, {"key":"metricsType", "value":"AWS"}, "key":"metricsHttpTimeout","value":60000}]

Don’t forget to replace the fileId fields with the ones you will get from lenses-cli connections get --name kafka --output json --pretty .

We will be introducing a specific API and UI-driven option to update this in a Lenses 5.4 (scheduled end of October 2023).